1. Lucky Star Ltd - Womens Month Campaign
  2. SABC What’s your Ncaa Promotion.
  3. Gagasi and Kaya FM What’s your Ncaa Promotion
  4. Whats your Ncaa with Lucky Star
  5. Get In The Mix
  6. Wholesale Volume Drive (Coastal)
  7. Wholesale Volume Drive (Inland)
  8. #YouthIsPower Youth Month
  9. Spar Top 80 Club. Coastal Region
  10. Spar Top 80 Club. Inland Region
  11. In The Kitchen with Lucky Star – Meal Inspiration Radio Campaign
  12. Lucky Star Ltd – Gawulo Galore Wholesale Promotion
  13. Lucky Star Ltd – Spar Top 80 Club. Coastal Region
  14. Lucky Star Ltd – Spar Top 80 Club. Inland Region
  15. Blisters for Bread 2019 – Lucky Star Hamper Promotion
  16. Lucky Star Good Hope FM 2019 Great Cook Giveaway
  17. Heart FM – Blister for Bread 2019
  18. Lucky Star Instagram Likes Promotion
  19. Lucky Star My New First Moment Instagram Competition
  20. Lucky Star Durban July Outfit Design Competition
  21. Lucky Star Taste of Home Facebook Promotion
  22. MoFoShoTraderPresenter
  23. MoFoShoWholesaler
  24. MyFirstMoments YFM
  25. MyFirstMoments Gagzi
  26. First Moments
  27. RSG Radio Promotion
  28. MKMedia Kaya
  29. MKMedia Gagasi

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, at Lucky Star we are taking proactive steps grounded in science to protect the safety of our products, our employees, their families and support our communities around the country. As one of the country’s largest Manufacturer of canned food products, we are considered a provider of essential goods. We will thus maintain our production capacity during the remainder of the lockdown period as prescribed by Government.

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