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When you were a kid you hoped that when you became an adult you would no longer have to do chores. Sadly this turned out to be quite the opposite – now you have to do ALL the chores yourself! But cleaning your house doesn’t have to be all bad, with some minor adjustments, and the right music, it can also be a fun form of exercise. Here are a couple of ways how you can turn your wash day into a workout: 

The vacuum lunge
While vacuuming the carpets, pretend you’re at the gym and take a big step forward every time you make a swoop with the vacuum cleaner, keeping both front and back knees bent. Remember to keep your tummy tight, bum in and back straight. One swoop won’t clean that carpet properly, so make sure you repeat it with both legs.

The laundry basket squat
This little exercise allows you to level-up a bit. Pick up the laundry basket like you would pick up a box – with your legs, not your back. Keep your back straight and tummy tight and do a couple of squats. Carry the basket to the washing machine and do a couple of squats before you put it down. Wet laundry is a little heavier than dry laundry, so when the machine is done washing, load the wet laundry into a basket, do some squats and then repeat when you get to the washing line.

Floor mop core chore
Mopping the floor can be such a tedious activity, but it can also be a great core and shoulder exercise. When mopping, try to swipe the mop from side to side without moving your head. Bend your legs a little and keep your back straight and use only your arms and core to move the mop. Do it a couple of times and pretty soon you’ll feel that good burn in your shoulders and core.

Karate Kid window clean
Remember Mr Miyagi from the first Karate Kid movies? “Wax on, wax off; wax on, wax off”. That technique is not only great for polishing old cars and blocking stray karate kicks, it’s also a great way to get a workout while washing windows. It even includes some stretching too. When you’re washing windows, pretend you’re the karate kid (wear the bandana if you want) and use a cloth in circular motions to clean your windows. Again, straight back, legs slightly bent and tummy in. Remember to switch direction and use both hands.

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