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This Sunday is World Grandparents Day, but in fact everyday should be grandparents day, because they’re such special people and without them none of us would be here today. Your Ouma and Oupa spoil you all the time, so how about you remind them just how much you love and appreciate them by treating them this Sunday. Here are a couple of things you can do to make your grandparents feel special:

Cook a favourite meal
Everyone has a family recipe that’s been passed down over generations. Treat your grandparents by cooking up a delicious family favourite and show them not only that they’re worth the effort, but also that the family’s secret recipes are in good hands.

Make a family photo album
Few things make grandparents more proud than their children and grandchildren and having pictures of loved ones, especially family, is very comforting. Dig around old photo albums and look for old photos of you and your parents when you were younger, then round up your parents and siblings and take a nice family photo. Put these together in a nice frame and give it to your grandparents. This will no doubt bring tears of joy.

Do chores and fix things
It doesn’t sound like much, but letting grandma and grandpa sit back and re- lax for a bit while you take care of cleaning and fixing all the niggles around the house that they never get around to, or simply can’t do due to their old age. Not only will it bring a smile to their faces, it will also reassure you that their house is clean and safe.

Spend time with them
Have a cup of tea, listen to their stories, read a book, go for a walk, or watch their favourite film with them. It sounds silly, but the simple act of spending time with them is often enough to make your grandparents very happy, espe- cially as you grow older and start to have your own life. It also shows your grandparents that you respect and value them enough to take time out of your busy schedule to actively spend time with them, just them. There are few things that make people happier than that.

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