News | Three #SuperHealthy recipes to include more tomatoes in your diet


Tomatoes are one the healthiest foods you can eat. They are packed full of anti-oxidants, especially vitamins A and C, which keep your blood healthy and help to prevent cell damage and illness.

Tomatoes have been show to improve the tone of your skin, help you to maintain strong bones, prevent several types of cancer, and to keep your hair, eyes, heart and kidneys in good health. In fact, many of the health benefits of tomato are similar to the benefits you get from eating fish.

Studies have shown that eating tomatoes cooked, instead of raw, is actually healthier for you. Tomatoes contain an important, natural chemical called lycopene that becomes more effective when cooked. Lycopene is proven to fight cancer cells, strengthen bones and reduce heart disease; and its what makes a tomato red. The redder the tomato, the healthier it is! Imagine what combining two superfoods in one meal does for your body? Fish and tomatoes are a perfect combination, both for your body and for your tastebuds

Including more tomatoes in your diet is easy and delicious, with these Lucky Star recipes:

Toasted pilchard ravioli with tomato sauce
Impress your date with these Italian-style ravioli! Ravioli are little pasta pockets, filled with a tasty mix of pilchards, chopped tomatoes and fresh basil, toasted with breadcrumbs and served on a tomato pasta sauce. Delicioso!

Middlecut Mediterranean tomatoes
Prepare these beautiful Mediterranean tomatoes as a light lunch, or an appertizer before dinner and wow your dinner guests. Fresh tomatoes, Lucky Star middlecut and black olives are a delicious combination of tastes and colours.

Spaghetti with pilchard tomato sauce
For a simple, family meal you can never go wrong with a big pot of spaghetti. Serve with fresh onions and garlic, Lucky Star pilchards in tomato sauce, and extra tomatoes for extra goodness.

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