News | Six things you never knew about pilchards


Pilchards are well-known as a tasty and versatile ingredient often added as the protein component to dishes like curries and pastas. ‘Sardine’ and ‘pilchard’ are common names used to refer to various small, oily fish within the herring family.

It is always fascinating to learn more about our favourite foods. Did you know that pilchards are adult sardines? We share a few more fun facts you probably never knew about pilchards.

1. Foreign language
Sometimes the translation of a familiar English word into another language is very abstract and hard to imagine. Did you know that the Turkish word for ‘pilchard’ is ‘kürklü?’

2. Category of fish
Pilchards have become such a familiar favourite that many of us don’t know that they in actual fact are a category of fish. Did you know that although pilchards are regarded as a single species, there are actually 21 types of fish that can easily fall under the category of pilchards?

3. Health benefit
Most of us know that fish is a very healthy source of protein. Did you know that the fish oils in pilchards make platelets in the blood less sticky and reduce the risk of clots?

4. Clupeoids group
There is a whole entire underwater world inhabited by infinite species that many of us are not even aware exist. Did you know that pilchards are primitive fish that belong to the group of fish known as the clupeoids?

5. Smallest fish
Pilchards are known as one of the smallest fish we eat. Did you know that most pilchards do not live for much longer than three years and may grow up to 0.60mm per day?

The next time you come across these tasty treats in a recipe, remember the new fascinating things you have learnt about pilchards.

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