News | Six Light Recipes for Spring


We’re right in the middle of spring and despite one or two little cold spells, winter seems to be a thing of the past. With spring comes cool mornings and warm days, the perfect weather to sit outside and have a light meal with family and friends. Here are six ideas for light, healthy, easy-to-make meals you can enjoy:

Tuna Sandwich
The humble tuna sandwich is always a favourite, especially during the warmer months. With its mix of chilled tuna, chunky cottage cheese, mustard and salad, this quick-to-make bite is the perfect combination of tangy, sweet and scrumptious, not to mention healthy too!

Pilchard and bean wrap
Wraps are all the rage, and the pilchard and bean wrap is the perfect dish if you want something warm, but light with a little bit of a kick. This wrap is packed with all sorts of fresh and healthy ingredients and is perfect for either lunch or dinner.

Tuna, avo and fennel salad
Spring is time for deliciously light salads, and this tuna, avo and fennel salad is just the green grub your mouth has been watering for. Far from just a “boring old side salad” the smooth and crunchy combo of avo, lettuce, onions and tuna, drizzled in a zesty sauce is a delicious meal on its own.

Pasta with creamy mussels
Pasta is firm favourite for those cool spring evenings. With a creamy, cheesy sauce and tasty smoked mussels for a boost of flavour, this simple dish is light, hearty and healthy, and the ideal meal to enjoy with family and friends around a large dinner table under the stars.

Middlecut Mediterranean tomatoes
People living around the Mediterranean are known for their light and healthy diets with tomatoes often taking centre stage. Tomatoes are great veggies because they don’t lose their nutritional value when they’re cooked, while keeping their great taste. Add some hearty middlecut chunks, herbs and some onions, roast them to perfection and enjoy.

Tuna dip with veggies
Tuna meat is SuperHealthy and super versatile, and can be enjoyed in so many ways. Spring is the perfect time for that first dip in the pool, and also a tasty tuna dip served with colourful veggies to snack on. It’s light, healthy and super quick and easy to make.

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