News | Simplify Your Life with these Nifty Life Hacks


We all lead very busy lives and it’s sometimes difficult just to keep on top of the important stuff like your health, your family and your career, let alone struggling with tangled cables or cleaning the shower head. Here are a couple of nifty life hacks to make your life just a little simpler and allow you to focus on what’s really important.

Organize those cables
How many times have you had to struggle to untangle the many cables you use to charge all your different devices? Keep those cables tangle-free and save yourself some frustration by simply clamping the wires together with a hair clip.

Pump up the jams
Speaking of cellphones, sometimes you just want to hang with your friends and vibe to some cool tunes, but you don’t have external speakers for your cellphone, simply put your phone in a cup with the phone’s speakers facing down. This will increase the tiny phone speaker’s volume so everyone can hear.

Who borrowed what?
Sharing is caring and we often lend and borrow stuff like clothes, games, or books between our friends. However, sometimes it can get difficult to keep track of who borrowed what. To help you remember where all your stuff has gone, simply take a picture of your friend holding the item they’re borrowing with your phone.

Heat and eat
Leftovers are the best, but heating it in the microwave can be tricky, because you always end up with a cold part. But there’s a solution – simply arrange the food around the plate so there’s a circle in the middle. This will ensure the heat gets spread more evenly.

Buy in bulk and divide
When you buy groceries, buying in bulk tend to be a bit cheaper, especially meat. However, freezing a large chunk of mince or bacon can cause a problem, because you have to defrost all of it every time you want to use a little. When you get home from the shops, divide the bulk pack into smaller portions and put those into small plastic sandwich bags. This way you can only defrost only the amount you need, while keeping the rest frozen.

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