Tuna Rice


3 x 170g Lucky Star Tuna
2 x onions, diced
1 x green pepper, chopped
3 x cups of Basmati rice
2 x spoons of fish masala
1 x packet frozen mixed vegetables
2 tablespoons fish oil
1 teaspoon tumeric
Salt and Pepper


Bring the rice to a boil and cook until soft
In a non-stick pan, add the diced onions and fish oil and saute until soft and brown
Add salt, fish masala, tumeric and the rest of the fish oil to make a thick sauce
On a low heat, add the mixed vegetables and green peppers and stir through
In a large pot, layer the rice with one tin of Lucky Star Tuna and the vegetable sauce
Repeat twice or until all ingredients have been used
Cover with a lid and let simmer on low heat until soft

Best enjoyed with

on it's own



The recipe on this page has been supplied by a Lucky Star fan.