Pilchard Chutney Mania


400g can Lucky Star Pilchards
1 onion
2 tblsp oil
cinnamon sticks
dried chillies
salt to taste
pinch of sugar
4 tomatoes
curry leaves
cumin seeds
black pepper
curry powder of your choice


place pot over heated stove, add oil, onions, cumin seeds, cinnamon sticks, dried chillies and black pepper
allow to brown, add grated tomatoes, rest of the spices and allow to cook
add a cup of water and salt as the tomato chutney thickens
add pilchards and lastly add the chopped coriander, allow to simmer over low heat and serve

Best enjoyed with

Rotis, Rolls, Bread, Rice, Pita etc



The recipe on this page has been supplied by a Lucky Star fan.