Range Shot

Pilchards in Tomato Sauce Pilchards in Hot Chilli Sauce Middlecut Tuna Sardines Mussels

Lucky Star range of products are ready-cooked in the can, locking in the nutrients and saving you time and money when it comes to preparing a meal you can be proud of. Lucky Star products are high in omega 3 and protein and are endorsed by Diabetes South Africa. These products have all been approved as part of the South African Heart and Stroke Foundation’s eating plan, which promotes a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating plan as they meet the following criteria:

  • Lower in saturated fats
  • Lower in salt
  • Lower in cholesterol

Lucky Star’s brand is a South African icon, trusted for its great taste and consistent quality, offering value for money and convenience. The main benefit of canned pilchards is that everything in the can is edible – no wastage, no excess water cookout and the small soft bones are where all the calcium is stored, so eat up!