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Many of us dream of one day writing a book, but seven-year-old Michelle Nkamankeng has already written three books, with one of them already published, with a fourth one on the way. This is just the start for the budding author, and she already has plans to pen more books as the inspiration hits her.

Her first book, ‘Waiting for the Waves’ was published recently and tells the story of a young girl who went to the sea side with her family for the first time, and about her experiences there, one of which was sitting on the beach and watching everyone look at the sea. When she asked her dad what these people are looking at, he told her that they are waiting for the waves, from there the title of the book.

The book was inspired by her own experience with her family on holiday to a seaside resort, these experiences carry through to her other books, ‘The Little Girl Who Believes in Herself’, ‘The Little Mouse’, as well as ‘The Golden Ring’, her fourth book that she is currently busy writing.

Michelle has always had a love for reading, and this love lead her to start writing at a very young age when most of us were thinking about sand castles and mud pies.

“I used to love reading books from an early age. At the age of 5 years I started thinking about writing my own book. However, it was only at the age of 6 years that I wrote my first two books,” she said in a recent interview.

All of this happened right under the noses of her parents, who were none the wiser of their daughter’s penchant for the pen.

“We [her and her siblings] decided to keep it a secret from our parents until when the first book was completed,” said Michelle.

She still enjoys reading and names ‘Junior Zebra’, ‘Middle School’, and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as some of her favourite books. But she’s not just a bookworm, like any girl her age, she enjoys a variety of activities, from playing with her friends, doing ballet and gymnastics, playing music, swimming, and just watching some kids shows on TV.

It is clear that Michelle Nkamankeng is ‘The Little Girl Who Believes in Herself,’ and an example to all of us that that through hard work, dedication and a dream, anything is possible.


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