Now you can decorate your home with some Super cool Lucky Star merchandise. We’ve partnered with World of Wonder, a small manufacturing company based in Cape Town, to bring you some amazing products featuring our iconic Lucky Star artwork.

Ranging from clocks to chairs, World of Wonder has a variety of beautifully crafted Lucky Star items to fill your home. The team stays true to their business philosophy of contributing to nature preservation, while empowering the community and changing lives in Cape Town.

Lucky Star is already in everyone’s home, now these Super products can be too.


Click on the awesome products below to place your order.

Healthy Living


Inspired by Lucky Star’s iconic branding, this awesome seat will bring flavour to any home.
(48cm height x 29cm diameter)

Your body


Upcycled from LP records and fitted with a guaranteed mechanism, these fun clocks will make sure you’re never late.
(30cm diameter)

Hints and tips


Stick one of these on your fridge and you’ll always have an idea of what to make for dinner.
(6cm diameter)

Healthy Living


Cut out of LP records and fitted with a clock mechanism, this colourful clock will brighten any workday.
(12cm diameter, desktop or hanging)