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Henry Ford famously said that anyone who stops learning is old, and anyone who keeps learning stays young. He was right, no matter how old (or young) you are, it’s never too late to further your education, and with the help of the Internet, learning has become even easier. Here are five ways you can keep your mind active and educate yourself:

Free or inexpensive online courses
From foreign languages to computer languages, there are tons of courses on tons of subjects available online that are either free or cost very little. Many courses run over a certain period of time, but an increasing number charge a monthly subscription and allows you to follow the course(s) at your own pace.

Part-time studies
You can still get your degree through a university’s correspondence pro- grammes, which are usually online. These are often significantly cheaper than full-time courses as there are no actual lecturers to present classes and most of the work is done at your own pace. Most online courses offer online workshops and access to tutors as part of the course fees – how much you make use of them is up to you.

Learning doesn’t necessarily only involve books – creative courses like cooking, drawing, making music also challenges your brain and helps you learn a new skill, or improve your current skills. These courses range from very affordable to very expensive, so you have so much to choose from.

Throughout the ages, one of the ways in which people learned a craft was through apprenticeships. Whether it was carpentry, forging metal, cooking, dressmaking, or many other things, apprentices will spend time with a master or highly experienced craftsperson and so, learn their trade by watching and doing. Today apprenticeships are popular in pretty much all fields, including modern finance, legal and medicine.

Books have been the carriers of knowledge for centuries and the simple act of reading is arguably the cheapest way to educate yourself. Your nearest library contains a wealth of knowledge with books on a vast range of topics and most libraries are either free, or charge a very small fee to borrow books. Consider- ing this, there really is no excuse to ever stop learning.

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