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It is easier to start a good habit than it is to stop a bad habit; this winter get into the habit of lemons, water, omega 3 and winter sunshine. It’s that time of the year when gradually winter dawns on us.

The skies are greyer, the sunlight hours have decreased, the trees are bare and the chill in the air is undeniable. Many people associate this time of year with their annual flu spell. Our bodies seem to slow down after the busy and exciting summer months, and with that often starts the predictable cold and flu symptoms. A healthy diet is paramount to a strong immune system; at Lucky Star, we are passionate about promoting super health this winter with these four suggestions.

Introduce lemons as a ritual
These zesty fruits contain a very high level of Vitamin C which is the best flu fighter. Introduce the morning ritual of hot water lemon every day to not only help fight off flu symptoms, but to also improve digestion and keep warm.

Keep hydrated
Get into the habit of carrying a water bottle around with you. During those hot summer days it is easier to remember to drink water, however it is just as important to keep hydrated during winter. Drinking water is vital for removing impurities from our bodies which is an essential natural way to help keep us healthy.

Make omega 3’s a priority
Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid for optimizing your overall health. These fatty acids lower heart disease and improve cholesterol levels in the long term and contribute to strengthening your immune system in the short term. Fish consumption is one of the best sources of natural Omega 3. Try some of Lucky Star’s recipes, which make incorporating more fish into your diet quick and easy.

Follow the winter sun
There is no better source of natural Vitamin D than winter sunshine. In South Africa, we are blessed with some warmer winter afternoons. Get into the habit of embracing the warmer days and get outside for some natural Vitamin D. Although it is important to be aware of the dangers of too much sun, the sun can help heal and bring about radiant health.

There are many ways to fight flu symptoms, but one of the best ways to stay healthy during winter is to prevent getting sick in the first place, the natural way. Follow our four suggestions and you are sure to have a healthier and happier winter this year.

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