News | Fresh produce in your back yard!


Spring is a season for young and tender treats from the garden. Why not make your own small garden at the back of your yard?

Not only will you have fresh, healthy produce always available but you will be able to save on grocery costs too! Get started with these SuperSmart tips to get your vegetable garden thriving.

Pick a suitable spot
When you select a spot to plant your vegetable garden make sure that you consider a combination of adequate exposure to sunlight and shade. Be aware of allowing enough room between each of the seeds that you plant to ensure sufficient space for when the vegetables start to grow.

Make the most of your space
Keep in mind that you don’t need a huge amount of space to grow a vegetable garden. One of the best ways to grow vegetables is in a vertical garden. Many people living in apartment dwellings with limited space make use of shelves, hanging baskets and trellises to grow their vegetables.

Feed the soil from your kitchen
One of the most important factors for creating a vegetable garden is to make sure that you keep the soil fertile and full of nutrients. It is inexpensive and easy to make your own compost just by layering organic materials like garden clippings, dry leaves and kitchen vegetable scraps. This will result in healthy, vigorous plants and great harvests.

Make sure you water the right amount
Watering vegetable gardens may seem simple but there is an art to getting it just right. One of the most common mistakes new gardeners make is watering too much; you need to make sure that you are not watering too much or too little. Find out the specific watering needs for each of the plants, as it will vary from plant to plant. Be mindful of factors such as rainfall or dry spells that will influence the water intake.

Tricks of the trade
As gardeners become more experienced they naturally pick up a few tricks that enhance the growth of the vegetables. There is heaps of information online especially on personal blogs of gardeners; try to get to know some of these tricks from the experts as soon as possible to make sure that your vegetable garden is that much better.

Once your vegetable garden is thriving and you start to benefit from the wholesome rewards, you won’t be able to return to store sold fresh produce; there is something about growing your own food which makes it taste that much better!

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