News | Five sports you never knew existed


There has been so much sport on TV lately, and some of them you didn’t even know were considered a serious sport. Here is a couple of sports you might not have heard about, and where to get involved in South Africa:

Table tennis
Ping pong as most of us know it is more than just a fun game you play in your garage or backyard. On an international level it can get serious, very serious, with hard hitting, crazy spins and insane reflex skills by professional players. Some professional players even have their own signature bats, table tennis balls, and tables.
Level up from backyard champion, grab your bat and go check out  for more.

We all know football, but handball? Usually played on an indoor court, and mix between soccer and basketball, handball requires teams to throw a ball into a soccer-like goal, no feet allowed. In fact, handball is actually quite a serious sport, especially in Europe where there are professional leagues and teams with very passionate supporters. Oh yes, unlike soccer, physical con- tact is allowed, which makes things even more interesting.
If you would like to try your hand at this unusual sport, give the guys at the South African Handball Federation a shout

Trampoline gymnastics
Who didn’t like bouncing around on a trampoline as a kid, well the guys and girls who call trampoline gymnastics their sport never really stopped. Combin- ing gymnastics with some hardcore bouncing that sees competitors bounce as high as eight meters in the air while doing all sorts of flips and twists can be quite impressive.
Feel like a bit of a bounce-around? Contact the South African Gymnastics Federation

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