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Staying fit doesn’t always need to be a time consuming and expensive task. By adding a five minute workout to your daily routine, you will be able to maintain and increase your level of fitness. The trick is to make sure you can do the five minute workout anywhere and anytime, without requiring equipment. We have broken up the five minute workout routine into a set of five sixty second exercises, which focus on cardio, flexibility and toning for your upper and lower body.

Touch your Toes (60 seconds)
It is vital to stay supple and increase flexibility as part of any fitness regime. Touching your toes is an effective way to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your legs, your back and arms.

Planking (60 seconds)
This is one of the best exercises to not only strengthen your core muscles, but also your arm muscles. Initially, if it is too challenging to hold yourself up for the full sixty seconds, complete two sets of twenty seconds with an interval in between.

Squats (60 seconds)
When all else fails, squat and squat some more. If you can manage a squat a second, it is possible to incorporate up to sixty squats a day into your five minute workout routine. This exercise is brilliant for building muscle and strength in the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

Push-Ups (60 seconds)
What better way to build upper body strength than to lift your bodyweight using your arms. Start by trying to do as many push-ups within the sixty seconds. Over time you will notice your arm muscles getting stronger, which will allow you to increase the amount of push-ups you can complete within the sixty seconds.

Star Jumps (60 seconds)
The cardio part of the workout routine is necessary to get your heart rate up. The fitter you get, the faster and more star jumps you will be able to do in sixty seconds. You can make this exercise more challenging by adding a squat before and push ups after each star jump.

Try this five minute workout routine in any order, anytime and anywhere. Although five minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, sixty seconds is ample time to complete a few of each of the exercises. As you get fitter and stronger, you will be able to complete more of each exercise within the sixty seconds; this will enable the five minute workout routine to become more demanding and strenuous. Staying #SuperFit takes time and commitment; every bit counts.

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