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Mommy blogger of note Cindy Alfino has been sharing the life and times of her little family of (now) five since 2010, and has become sort of a celeb among the mom-crowd. Her fun and witty takes on the adventures of motherhood and family have gained her a loyal following of regular readers because they’re real and relatable, and not based on some Hollywood fantasy script.

The reality of motherhood is no walk in the park, and definitely not always what it seems like from the outside – it’s this that got her blogging. “The thing is, having two kids so close together was hectic and I needed to reach out to other people going through similar things,” said Cindy during a recent chat. “We all go through the same things, but because no one talks about it, we assume we’re the only ones.”

Finding something to write about was easy in the beginning, because if there’s one thing a young child is good at (and most new parents aren’t at dealing with), it’s throwing tantrums. However, as her children grew older, she has become more mindful of sharing every tiny detail of their lives, moving towards more of a perspective than a blow-by-blow account. “I enjoy sharing the fun things we’ve done, the funny things that have happened and some hard truths as they happen,” she says, returning to why she started the blog in the first place.

Of the myriad of challenges that face mothers every day, Cindy says arguably her biggest challenge is time management. “It’s really hard to juggle all the things that we have to do without dropping some of the balls. I often fail. Miserably.” She’s not supermom, and admits it, which is something her audience relates to, because when you’re a mom and staring at that exhausted face in the mirror, it’s good to know you’re not the only one who dreams of one day being able to go to bed early and sleep in a bit.

Keeping her family healthy, herself included, is another big challenge, but it’s something they’ve prioritised quite some time ago. Her husband has cancer, making a healthy lifestyle critically important. “It has meant a huge change in our lifestyle – more time outside being active or going to gym and eating more home cooked, nutritious meals. We’re not pedantic about it, but it’s important that we have a good balance,” she says, admitting that she’s not a naturally gifted cook, but at least she tries, using fresh ingredients in everyday meals as much as possible.

“…we do indulge in a takeaway or two over the weekend when I either don’t have the time or the energy to make an effort.”

Her advice to other moms is two-fold – perfect your daily routine with the help of your partner, and be prepared. This will ensure that things run (relatively) smoothly, enabling you to focus on the important stuff, like staying healthy.

For this Cindy says it’s important for her to be in a good space, which means taking the little time that she has to herself to enjoy a good book, date nights with her husband, and girls nights.

Oh, and when no-one’s looking, you may just find her off sneaking in a round of Pokemon Go…mum’s the word.

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