News | How to beat the winter blues, naturally


It is not uncommon to start feeling a bit down in the dumps during winter. Depression is a serious disease, which needs to be treated by a professional however, if you’re just feeling a little sadder than usual, there are natural steps you can take to lift your mood.

Self-care is vital all year round, but during winter we need to pay particular attention on the ways in which we can avoid getting the winter blues. Here are our top tips of how to help fight off those winter blues naturally.

Spend time in nature
One of the best natural healers is spending time in nature. Make the most of the slightly better winter days and get outside to appreciate your natural surroundings; even better, combine spending time in nature with exercise by going for a walk or a run outside. Exercising is a good way to get your heart rate up and get you sweating. It is not only about keeping your fitness levels up, but the release of endorphins will also help decrease any winter sadness you may be experiencing.

Get up early
The sun rises later and the chill in the morning air makes waking up early far more unappealing than during summer. Getting up early will keep you in a good routine and allow you to do more with your day. It is important to keep busy and productive to avoid feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Read a good book
It is understandable that sometimes you are just not in the mood to brave the cold outside and would way prefer to just stay indoors at home. Do not allow yourself to become bored by sitting around the house or flicking through the television channels for the sake of it; find a book that will stimulate your mind and make you feel good. A cold winter’s day is the perfect opportunity to get tucked up under a blanket on the couch with a brilliant book.

Maintain a healthy diet
When it is cold, many people say that they feel they need to eat more; make sure you do not get into the bad habit of comfort eating, just to keep warm or yourself entertained. Eating healthy during winter will not only prevent you from gaining that unnecessary winter weight you will later want to shed, but it will also increase your energy levels and help your immune system fight away colds and flu. Instead of overeating, get into a habit of drinking hot beverages, which will help you keep warm on those cold rainy days.

During winter, some days might be so miserable and cold that you don’t want to even leave the house. Turn this into something productive by using this time to sort out some things around the house you have been meaning to get to. Winter is the perfect time to declutter your house by sorting through the things you no longer use. It is a great way to end off winter by donating things you don’t need to a charity. Heading into springtime with a fresh start and less clutter around the house is liberating and healthy.

It is natural to sometimes feel down, especially during winter but don’t let this take the joy away from a perfectly good day, no matter what the weather is outside. The different seasons allow us to experience varied activities during the year. It is important for us to embrace the differences rather than highlight what is wrong with each season. Winter does not have to be all doom and gloom and many of the winter activities are not possible in summer. If you are prone to feeling a bit down during the winter months, try some of these top tips and notice the difference in your mood.

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