News | 6 Ways to Enjoy Water


Stay properly hydrated this summer! Here are 6 easy ways you can add some flavour to your next glass of water:

Fruit & herbs
Try different combinations of fruits and herbs such as mint or basil, even cucumber.

Juice it up
Clear juices like cranberry, grape, pomegranate or apple juices are great for adding a bit of sweet tang.

Put it on ice
Add tasty ingredients like mint leaves, bits of fruit, cucumbers to your regular ice trays, or simply fill ice trays with fruit juice and pop them in the freezer.

Bubble, bubble
Add carbonated bubbles to still water and turn plain old water into a very refreshing drink.

Have a cuppa
You may not notice it, but your favourite warm beverage also contributes to your body’s hydration.

Soups up
With its hearty goodness, soup is after all water based and thus sipping on a delicious soup is a great way to up your fluid intake.

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